Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nether themed series summary

It was a long time since my last post, sorry for that but I was too busy playing WoW :P But really, with the Christmas and a year's end coming I had a lot of other things on my head. At least I came up with a next series, it will be black&white :) But first the nether themed series summary:
Short - Elder's Cloak
Long - Lich Wrappings

Check out the purple shirts in Party themed series summary

- Ground:
- Great Purple Elekk
- Purple Skeletal Warhorse
- Silver War Talbuk
- Flying:
- Any of the Netherwing Drakes
- Purple Nether Ray
- Corrupted Fire Hawk
- Dark Phoenix
- Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Vanity Pet:
- Nether Ray Fry
- Kirin Tor Familiar
- Dark Phoenix Hatchling
- Elementium Geode
Hunter Pet:
- Purple Nether Ray
- Purple Spider
- Purple Fire Spider
- Blue Moth
- Purple Wasp
- Purple Shale Spider

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