Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nether themed series summary

It was a long time since my last post, sorry for that but I was too busy playing WoW :P But really, with the Christmas and a year's end coming I had a lot of other things on my head. At least I came up with a next series, it will be black&white :) But first the nether themed series summary:
Short - Elder's Cloak
Long - Lich Wrappings

Check out the purple shirts in Party themed series summary

- Ground:
- Great Purple Elekk
- Purple Skeletal Warhorse
- Silver War Talbuk
- Flying:
- Any of the Netherwing Drakes
- Purple Nether Ray
- Corrupted Fire Hawk
- Dark Phoenix
- Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Vanity Pet:
- Nether Ray Fry
- Kirin Tor Familiar
- Dark Phoenix Hatchling
- Elementium Geode
Hunter Pet:
- Purple Nether Ray
- Purple Spider
- Purple Fire Spider
- Blue Moth
- Purple Wasp
- Purple Shale Spider

Monday, December 5, 2011

Plate nether set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Hi, this is the last set for the nether-themed series. I hope you liked it and maybe found the transmogrification set that you were looking for :) Also I added the "Opinion" option at the bottom of my posts and I'm hoping for your feedback to help me see what kind of sets are you looking for and which ones were not satisfying :)
Shoulder - Doomplate Shouderguards
Chest - Revenant Chestplate
Waist - Belt of the Fallen Emperor
Legs - Shadesteel Greaves
Feet - shalehusk Boots
Hands - Nethersteel Handguards
Two-Hand Axe - Ethereum Nexus-Reaver

Mail nether set for hunter and shaman

This is the set that I used for my character immediately after patch, I used it only for a few days and changed it to the forest elf set because of the weapon enchant that has a green glow effect that don't match the nether set but looks great with the green forest set :)
Head - Steadfast Coronet
Shoulder - Mantle of the Sea Wolf
Chest - Warrior's Tunic (I farmed this easily from Cheftain Zul'Marosh as he respawns very quickly)
Waist - Netherfury Belt
Legs - Scaled Greaves of Patience
Feet - Abyssal Mail Greaves
Hands - Frostscale Gloves
Bow - Melmorta's Twilight Longbow

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Leather nether set for rogue and druid

Hi, I noticed that since patch went live the number of visitors on my blog is noticeably higher, so I wanted to remind what I've written in the first post - If you have any suggestions or if there is a specific look that you would want for your transmogrification set (it can be anything, colour, style, type) I would love to hear your suggestions and requests :) And a quick reminder about my English - not perfect, so please correct me if you notice any mistakes :) Let's proceed to the second set from my nether-themed series, the leather nether (:D) set.
Shoulder - Mantle of Shadowy Embrace
Chest - Skystalker's Tunic
Waist - Girdle of Treachery
Legs - Cinderweb Leggings - about this, I'm aware that this pants drop in Firelands, moreover they only drop in heroic Firelands (the normal version has wrong color). As you probably noticed, my sets are created by choosing the best matching items, not the ones that are easy to get. Maybe later I will make series about good looking and easy to get items, but not now :P
Feet - Nethershade Boots
Hands - Windslayer Wraps
Dagger - Flesh-Carving Scalpel
One-Hand Sword - Edge of Cosmos - imo one of the better looking weapons in game :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cloth nether set for mage, priest and warlock

Hello :) Were you as excited as I was when the patch finally came live? I sure was very excited! The new dungeons are really great and the lore behind them very interesting, it's a nice change after the uber-boring zandalari tribe dungeons :) And we can transmogrify our gear, yay! So for all of you who are here looking for a great transmogrification outfits - this time I give you the nether-themed series. In this series I will show you the set that I finally decided to use for my hunter, but not all at once, first the cloth set :)
Shoulder - Mana-Sphere Shoulderguards
Chest - Hallowed Garments
Waist - Belt of False Dignity
Feet - Magister's Boots
Hands - Energis Armwraps
Staff - Exodar Life-Staff

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter themed series summary

Another series finished, hope you liked it as much as I liked making it :) As always, here I give you some additional items that would go well with outfits from this series.
Short - Seer's Cape
Long - Mistscape Cloak or Glacial Cloak, both share the same model
You can also check out the blue capes in party themed series summary

Check out the blue shirts in party themed series summary

- Ground: There is actually a very wide choice of mounts that would match this sets, I chose the ones that I believe would look the best: 
- Any of the Frostsabers
- Swift White Ram, White Polar Bear
- Cobalt Riding Talbuk
- Rivendare's Deathcharger
- Frostwolf Howler,
- Spectral Wolf
- Spectral Steed
- Flying:
- Azure Drake
- Blue Drake
- Blue Proto-Drake
- Blue Wind Rider
- Snowy Gryphon

Vanity Pet:
- Azure Whelpling
- Winterspring Cub
- Smolderweb Hatchling
- Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
- Pengu
- Frosty

Hunter pet:
There is A LOT of matching hunter pets. Even when I decided to choose only the best ones, there is still really many of them, so prepare yourself :)
- Crystal Spider
- White Wolf
- Spectral Wolf
- White Moth
- White Bear
Spectral Bear
- White Owl
- Spectral Owl
- White Fox
And cats... Sooo many of them!
- Spirit Leopard
- Blue Spectral Saber Tiger
- White Saber Cat
- White Striped Saber Cat
- White Spotted Saber Cat
- White Ghost Cat
- Ice Saber Cat
- Aqua Saber Cat

Friday, November 25, 2011

Plate winter set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Last outfit for my winter themed series, the plate set. I believe they all look great together, if I would be making a guild I would name it something like "knights of the frozen something" or maybe just "penguins", made a suiting guild tabard and made this sets a mandatory guild uniform :P How awesome would be raiding Firelands with all raid members dressed in this frosty outfits :) We would be like "Ragnaros, freeze!"  and then we would tell him to chill and hopefully he would be cool with that. Ok, done with the lame jokes, here you have the plate winter set:
Head - Mechanized Snow Goggles, make sure that you are buying the plate version of this item
Shoulder - Heaving Plates of Protection
Chest - Icebane Breastplate or Icebane Chestguard, both share the same model
Waist - Icebane Girdle
Legs - Icebane Leggings
Feet - Rock Furrow Boots
Hands - Icebane Gauntlets
Two-Hand Axe - Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter