Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter themed series summary

Another series finished, hope you liked it as much as I liked making it :) As always, here I give you some additional items that would go well with outfits from this series.
Short - Seer's Cape
Long - Mistscape Cloak or Glacial Cloak, both share the same model
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- Ground: There is actually a very wide choice of mounts that would match this sets, I chose the ones that I believe would look the best: 
- Any of the Frostsabers
- Swift White Ram, White Polar Bear
- Cobalt Riding Talbuk
- Rivendare's Deathcharger
- Frostwolf Howler,
- Spectral Wolf
- Spectral Steed
- Flying:
- Azure Drake
- Blue Drake
- Blue Proto-Drake
- Blue Wind Rider
- Snowy Gryphon

Vanity Pet:
- Azure Whelpling
- Winterspring Cub
- Smolderweb Hatchling
- Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
- Pengu
- Frosty

Hunter pet:
There is A LOT of matching hunter pets. Even when I decided to choose only the best ones, there is still really many of them, so prepare yourself :)
- Crystal Spider
- White Wolf
- Spectral Wolf
- White Moth
- White Bear
Spectral Bear
- White Owl
- Spectral Owl
- White Fox
And cats... Sooo many of them!
- Spirit Leopard
- Blue Spectral Saber Tiger
- White Saber Cat
- White Striped Saber Cat
- White Spotted Saber Cat
- White Ghost Cat
- Ice Saber Cat
- Aqua Saber Cat

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