Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mail blood elf set for hunter & shaman

Hello everyone!

With the next patch comes the transmogrification, an awesome tool for randomizing your looks, making your character more unique and stylish. Knowing that I started to create matching outfits for my main, and once I started I wasn't able to stop. It was so much fun for me to match the pieces into this one unique outfit that I thought of creating this blog to share my ideas with other people and  help players who find looking for perfect matching gloves rather boring than fun. I decided to make my first series of outfits to be blood elf themed because my main character is blood elf, also it's hunter so the very first look that I'm gonna share with you is this mail blood elf hunter outfit. It can also be used by Shaman because I didn't use any class-specified items, but it was primarily meant for hunter. Hope you will like it :)

The base for this outfit were the matching chest and boots. Sadly, these were the only matching mail items so I had to complete it with some completely different things, here you have the final result after long, long search for the items that are closest to something that citizen of Silvermoon would wear.
Head - no item, just use "hide helm" option (I think that many of my sets will go with this option, as I like to see my characters face and hair, and there is a limited choice of head items that don't cover it)

Shoulder - Green Iron Shoulders
Chest - Suncrown Hauberk
Waist - Ornate Girdle
Legs - Captain's Leggings
Feet - Volunteer's Greaves
Hands - Green Iron Gauntlets or Harmonious Gauntlets
Back - same as in head item
Bow - Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix

Wrist - Probably in all of my outfits there won't be any bracers, because they are hidden under the gloves and I personally don't see the point in transmogrifying item that cannot be seen, hope you agree with me on that :)
Weapon - This one is a bit hard cause not every player uses the same kind of weapon, and it will get even more tricky as I will make outfits for classes that I don't play. But as we are on hunter I think I can assume that you use either staff or polearm. If you are using a staff you are in better situation as there are a few staffs that have this blood elf looks I was looking for. Personally I would go with the Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei, second option is the Sun-Infused Focus Staff, and if you want to stick with the green colour of the outfit you can choose the Vengeance Staff which is the green version of the Sun-Infused Focus Staff. If you are using polearm you are in worse situation as there is no polearm with blood elf design, but I think that Anguish would be the close match.
I hope you like this set, feel free to comment on it, add you suggestions about what would you change or what other sets would you like to see. And if you find any grammar mistakes in my posts please comment on it too, English is not my first language and there is high possibility that I will make some mistakes :)

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  1. I'm using this on my blood elf hunter, it's really a lovely set! Green Iron Leggings is also an option if you want longer pants and for staff I'm using Angerstaff.

    What I like the most is that it looks so thin and light for being mail armor and of course also because of the Silvermoon-esque style. Got any more hunter sets coming up? :)