Thursday, November 24, 2011

Leather winter set for rogue and druid

Second set for my winter-themed series, enjoy :) Other interesting fact -with this set and all other besides cloth I used Mechanized Snow Goggles, an item that has cloth, leather, mail and plate versions, all with the same name and model. I didn't use it in cloth set because I found other head item that in my opinion was a better match. So remember to pay attention if you want to buy them to make sure that you are buying the right version, you don't wanna end up witch your rogue having plate Mechanized Snow Goggles in his backpack :)
Head - Mechanized Snow Goggles
Shoulder - Hide of Chromaggus or Passive Resistor Spaulders, both share the same model. Also remember that heroic version of this spaulders has different color and won't match this set
Chest - Polar Tunic
Waist - Polar Cord or Talonite's Belt both share the same model
Legs - Polar Leggings
Feet - Talonite's Boots
Hands - Polar Gloves
One-Hand Sword - Wrathful Gladiator's Slicer
One-Hand Dagger - Heartpierce

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