Friday, November 11, 2011

Leather blood elf set for rogue and druid

Again, this set can be used either by rogue or druid cause there are no class-specified items, but I was thinking rather about rogues while creating it. This one was easy to make, almost every piece has blood elf design. Check it out:

Head - Imposing Bandana. There is even a better match - Terokk's Mask, but it's a quest reward so if you completed it earlier you cannot obtain it.
Shoulder - Bonechewer Shoulderguards
Chest - Silvermoon Tunic
Waist - Blastguard Belt
Legs - Blastguard Pants
Feet - Blastguard Boots
Hands - Bonechewer Spikegloves

As I said before matching weapons was a bit tricky, as I'm not familiar with other classes. But I did my research and by what I found rogue would be using axe, mace, sword or fist in main hand and dagger in off-hand, I hope I got this right. So here are some weapons you can choose from:

One-Hand Axe - High Warlord's Cleaver
One-Hand Mace - Doomsayer's mace
Main Hand Mace - Restorative Mace or Hammer of the Penitent, both look the same as Doomsayer's Mace
One-Hand Sword - The Sunbreak
Main Hand Sword - Battlefell Sabre
Main Hand Fist Weapon - Talon of the Phoenix
Off Hand Fist Weapon - Claw of the Phoenix
One-Hand dagger - Bombardier's Blade

I think that everyone should find something fitting among this weapons, if not please write me a comment about what kind of weapon that matches blood elf outfit would you like me to add to this list :)

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