Friday, November 25, 2011

Plate winter set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Last outfit for my winter themed series, the plate set. I believe they all look great together, if I would be making a guild I would name it something like "knights of the frozen something" or maybe just "penguins", made a suiting guild tabard and made this sets a mandatory guild uniform :P How awesome would be raiding Firelands with all raid members dressed in this frosty outfits :) We would be like "Ragnaros, freeze!"  and then we would tell him to chill and hopefully he would be cool with that. Ok, done with the lame jokes, here you have the plate winter set:
Head - Mechanized Snow Goggles, make sure that you are buying the plate version of this item
Shoulder - Heaving Plates of Protection
Chest - Icebane Breastplate or Icebane Chestguard, both share the same model
Waist - Icebane Girdle
Legs - Icebane Leggings
Feet - Rock Furrow Boots
Hands - Icebane Gauntlets
Two-Hand Axe - Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter

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