Sunday, November 13, 2011

Plate blood elf set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Today I made a final outfit for my blood elf themed series. It can be used by warrior, paladin or death knight because as always I didn't use any class-specified items. The base for this outfit was the Hyperion Plate, which has design that is very close to blood-elfish.
Head - Conqueror's Helmet
Shoulders - Hyperion Pauldrons
Chest - Hyperion Armor
Waist - Thorium Belt, Commander's Girdle or Khorium Belt, all have the same model
Legs - Hyperion Legplates, Lavacrest Leggings or Khorium Pants, all have the same model
Feet - Hyperion Greaves or Khorium Boots, both have the same model
Hands - Lightforge Gauntlets

Weapons - With this outfit I decided to match two-handed weapons as many plate wearers use them and a shield. For other weapons check out the mail, leather and cloth blood elf sets.
Two-Handed Axe - Nightfall
Two-Handed Mace - Blood Knight Maul
Two-Handed Sword - Blade of the Titans
Shield - Dawnforged Defender


  1. I like it! I want a set that looks true to the race like this - nicely done!

  2. Goes real good with this set... Has to be heroic version though!