Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plate party set for warrior, paladin and death knight

This one was the hardest of all party sets. Most of the plate items have this "hard armor" look, completely unsuitable for party. Like with all sets from this series there are two outfits, one for male and one for female. I really wanted to make dress outfit for female because plate dresses are very rare, I mainly based this outfit on judgement armor recolor with different shoulders. Also matching the weapons was hard because there aren't any two handed weapons with this nice tankard or kitchen knife look, so I just chose ones with the most festive look.
Head - Templar Crown
Shoulder - Shattered Hand Epaulets
Chest - Peacemaker's Breastplate with Stylish Blue Shirt
Waist - Lightforge Belt
Legs - Azureplate Greaves
Feet - Runic Plate Boots
Hands - Talonguard Gloves
Two-Handed Mace - Bronze Warhammer

Shoulder - Jouster's Pauldrons or Heavy Mithril Shoulder, both share the same model
Chest - Breastplate of Many Graces
Waist - Girdle of Many Blessings
Legs - Cassock of the Loyal
Feet - Boots of the Watchful Heart
Hands - Life Bearer's Gauntlets
Two-Handed Axe - Axe of the Nexus King

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  1. been looking for a look that would go with my transmogged tankard of terror for my holy pally. this helps out alot thanks and i'll be coming back often