Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nether themed series summary

It was a long time since my last post, sorry for that but I was too busy playing WoW :P But really, with the Christmas and a year's end coming I had a lot of other things on my head. At least I came up with a next series, it will be black&white :) But first the nether themed series summary:
Short - Elder's Cloak
Long - Lich Wrappings

Check out the purple shirts in Party themed series summary

- Ground:
- Great Purple Elekk
- Purple Skeletal Warhorse
- Silver War Talbuk
- Flying:
- Any of the Netherwing Drakes
- Purple Nether Ray
- Corrupted Fire Hawk
- Dark Phoenix
- Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Vanity Pet:
- Nether Ray Fry
- Kirin Tor Familiar
- Dark Phoenix Hatchling
- Elementium Geode
Hunter Pet:
- Purple Nether Ray
- Purple Spider
- Purple Fire Spider
- Blue Moth
- Purple Wasp
- Purple Shale Spider

Monday, December 5, 2011

Plate nether set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Hi, this is the last set for the nether-themed series. I hope you liked it and maybe found the transmogrification set that you were looking for :) Also I added the "Opinion" option at the bottom of my posts and I'm hoping for your feedback to help me see what kind of sets are you looking for and which ones were not satisfying :)
Shoulder - Doomplate Shouderguards
Chest - Revenant Chestplate
Waist - Belt of the Fallen Emperor
Legs - Shadesteel Greaves
Feet - shalehusk Boots
Hands - Nethersteel Handguards
Two-Hand Axe - Ethereum Nexus-Reaver

Mail nether set for hunter and shaman

This is the set that I used for my character immediately after patch, I used it only for a few days and changed it to the forest elf set because of the weapon enchant that has a green glow effect that don't match the nether set but looks great with the green forest set :)
Head - Steadfast Coronet
Shoulder - Mantle of the Sea Wolf
Chest - Warrior's Tunic (I farmed this easily from Cheftain Zul'Marosh as he respawns very quickly)
Waist - Netherfury Belt
Legs - Scaled Greaves of Patience
Feet - Abyssal Mail Greaves
Hands - Frostscale Gloves
Bow - Melmorta's Twilight Longbow

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Leather nether set for rogue and druid

Hi, I noticed that since patch went live the number of visitors on my blog is noticeably higher, so I wanted to remind what I've written in the first post - If you have any suggestions or if there is a specific look that you would want for your transmogrification set (it can be anything, colour, style, type) I would love to hear your suggestions and requests :) And a quick reminder about my English - not perfect, so please correct me if you notice any mistakes :) Let's proceed to the second set from my nether-themed series, the leather nether (:D) set.
Shoulder - Mantle of Shadowy Embrace
Chest - Skystalker's Tunic
Waist - Girdle of Treachery
Legs - Cinderweb Leggings - about this, I'm aware that this pants drop in Firelands, moreover they only drop in heroic Firelands (the normal version has wrong color). As you probably noticed, my sets are created by choosing the best matching items, not the ones that are easy to get. Maybe later I will make series about good looking and easy to get items, but not now :P
Feet - Nethershade Boots
Hands - Windslayer Wraps
Dagger - Flesh-Carving Scalpel
One-Hand Sword - Edge of Cosmos - imo one of the better looking weapons in game :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cloth nether set for mage, priest and warlock

Hello :) Were you as excited as I was when the patch finally came live? I sure was very excited! The new dungeons are really great and the lore behind them very interesting, it's a nice change after the uber-boring zandalari tribe dungeons :) And we can transmogrify our gear, yay! So for all of you who are here looking for a great transmogrification outfits - this time I give you the nether-themed series. In this series I will show you the set that I finally decided to use for my hunter, but not all at once, first the cloth set :)
Shoulder - Mana-Sphere Shoulderguards
Chest - Hallowed Garments
Waist - Belt of False Dignity
Feet - Magister's Boots
Hands - Energis Armwraps
Staff - Exodar Life-Staff

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter themed series summary

Another series finished, hope you liked it as much as I liked making it :) As always, here I give you some additional items that would go well with outfits from this series.
Short - Seer's Cape
Long - Mistscape Cloak or Glacial Cloak, both share the same model
You can also check out the blue capes in party themed series summary

Check out the blue shirts in party themed series summary

- Ground: There is actually a very wide choice of mounts that would match this sets, I chose the ones that I believe would look the best: 
- Any of the Frostsabers
- Swift White Ram, White Polar Bear
- Cobalt Riding Talbuk
- Rivendare's Deathcharger
- Frostwolf Howler,
- Spectral Wolf
- Spectral Steed
- Flying:
- Azure Drake
- Blue Drake
- Blue Proto-Drake
- Blue Wind Rider
- Snowy Gryphon

Vanity Pet:
- Azure Whelpling
- Winterspring Cub
- Smolderweb Hatchling
- Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
- Pengu
- Frosty

Hunter pet:
There is A LOT of matching hunter pets. Even when I decided to choose only the best ones, there is still really many of them, so prepare yourself :)
- Crystal Spider
- White Wolf
- Spectral Wolf
- White Moth
- White Bear
Spectral Bear
- White Owl
- Spectral Owl
- White Fox
And cats... Sooo many of them!
- Spirit Leopard
- Blue Spectral Saber Tiger
- White Saber Cat
- White Striped Saber Cat
- White Spotted Saber Cat
- White Ghost Cat
- Ice Saber Cat
- Aqua Saber Cat

Friday, November 25, 2011

Plate winter set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Last outfit for my winter themed series, the plate set. I believe they all look great together, if I would be making a guild I would name it something like "knights of the frozen something" or maybe just "penguins", made a suiting guild tabard and made this sets a mandatory guild uniform :P How awesome would be raiding Firelands with all raid members dressed in this frosty outfits :) We would be like "Ragnaros, freeze!"  and then we would tell him to chill and hopefully he would be cool with that. Ok, done with the lame jokes, here you have the plate winter set:
Head - Mechanized Snow Goggles, make sure that you are buying the plate version of this item
Shoulder - Heaving Plates of Protection
Chest - Icebane Breastplate or Icebane Chestguard, both share the same model
Waist - Icebane Girdle
Legs - Icebane Leggings
Feet - Rock Furrow Boots
Hands - Icebane Gauntlets
Two-Hand Axe - Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mail winter set for hunter and shaman

Another set for my winter-themed series. This time it's mail, and I must say this was one of the first sets that I've made and it inspired me later to do the whole series :) Right now I'm struggling which set to choose for my character, and this one is amongst my favourites, together with forest elf set that I posted earlier :)
Head - Mechanized Snow Goggles, remember to make sure that you are buying mail version of this item
Shoulder - Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes, personally I think this are one of the best looking mail shoulders :)
Chest - Icy Scale Breastplate or Icy Scale Chestguard, both share the same model
Waist - Icy Scale Belt
Legs - Icy Scale Leggings
Feet - Boots of Persistance
Hands - Icy Scale Gauntlets
Bow - Crypt Fiend Slayer

Leather winter set for rogue and druid

Second set for my winter-themed series, enjoy :) Other interesting fact -with this set and all other besides cloth I used Mechanized Snow Goggles, an item that has cloth, leather, mail and plate versions, all with the same name and model. I didn't use it in cloth set because I found other head item that in my opinion was a better match. So remember to pay attention if you want to buy them to make sure that you are buying the right version, you don't wanna end up witch your rogue having plate Mechanized Snow Goggles in his backpack :)
Head - Mechanized Snow Goggles
Shoulder - Hide of Chromaggus or Passive Resistor Spaulders, both share the same model. Also remember that heroic version of this spaulders has different color and won't match this set
Chest - Polar Tunic
Waist - Polar Cord or Talonite's Belt both share the same model
Legs - Polar Leggings
Feet - Talonite's Boots
Hands - Polar Gloves
One-Hand Sword - Wrathful Gladiator's Slicer
One-Hand Dagger - Heartpierce

Cloth winter set for mage, priest and warlock

Hi, today I'm starting a new series, and this one is gonna be really cool ;) And it will be perfect for anyone who's favourite color is blue. With winter coming and maybe just days away from the first snow, I decided to make a winter-themed series. This one was really easy to make as every item class has it's own icy set that needed only a few other items to be complete, interesting fact - I used a belt that has a cloth, leather, mail and plate versions, all share the same model. I also found many awesome icy weapons to match. I believe this will be the best of my series so far :) Hopefully you'll agree with me. To begin I give you cloth winter set, can't imagine a better outfit for a frost mage :D
Head - Collar of Command
Shoulder - Pauldrons of Sufferance
Chest - Glacial Robe or Glacial Vest if you wanna go with pants version of this set
Waist - Glacial Waistband
Legs - No need to transmogrify them if you chose robe, but with vest Azure Silk Pants are a good match
Feet - Blue Suede Shoes
Hands - Flamebloom Gloves
Staff - Hydrocane

Party themed series summary

I hope you liked the party themed outfits, here you can find some additional items that I think would look good with this theme :)
This outfits have very different colours so I decided to choose one cape for one main colour.
Blue - Royal Cape  or Maiden's Favor there is also a really gorgeous Permafrost Cape but it can be harder to obtain
Red - Crimson Silk Cloak or Imposing Cape, you can also check out the capes in Blood Elf themed series summary
Purple - Lord's Cape
Black - Cloak of the Black Void or Warmonger's Cloak
Yellow - Insignia Cloak or Elementalist Cloak

Blue - Blue Linen Shirt, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet or Stylish Blue Shirt
Red - Red Linen Shirt, Red Swashbuckler's Shirt, Stylish Red Shirt, you can also check out the shirts in Blood Elf themed series summary
Purple - Lavender Mageweave Shirt or Rich Purple Silk Shirt
Black - Stylish Black Shirt
Yellow - Bright Yellow Shirt or Golden Filigreed Doublet

I believe horse is a best match so Alliance players are in much better position with this. Any of these mounts will be a good match. For Horde players there is Argent Warhorse or for players who prefer more rock'n'roll style there is Mekgineer's Chopper
With Flying mount I think the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine is a mount for a true VIP :)

Vanity Pet:
- Perky Pug, it's almost like a chihuahua that you can carry around in your purse :)
- Any of the cats and White Kitten

Hunter Pet:
- Any of the Mastiffs
- Any of the cats

Plate party set for warrior, paladin and death knight

This one was the hardest of all party sets. Most of the plate items have this "hard armor" look, completely unsuitable for party. Like with all sets from this series there are two outfits, one for male and one for female. I really wanted to make dress outfit for female because plate dresses are very rare, I mainly based this outfit on judgement armor recolor with different shoulders. Also matching the weapons was hard because there aren't any two handed weapons with this nice tankard or kitchen knife look, so I just chose ones with the most festive look.
Head - Templar Crown
Shoulder - Shattered Hand Epaulets
Chest - Peacemaker's Breastplate with Stylish Blue Shirt
Waist - Lightforge Belt
Legs - Azureplate Greaves
Feet - Runic Plate Boots
Hands - Talonguard Gloves
Two-Handed Mace - Bronze Warhammer

Shoulder - Jouster's Pauldrons or Heavy Mithril Shoulder, both share the same model
Chest - Breastplate of Many Graces
Waist - Girdle of Many Blessings
Legs - Cassock of the Loyal
Feet - Boots of the Watchful Heart
Hands - Life Bearer's Gauntlets
Two-Handed Axe - Axe of the Nexus King

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mail party set for hunter and shaman

Today - mail party-themed set. As with all sets in this series there is one outfit for male and one for female, but this time both look to me almost unisex, so I think this male outfit would also work for female character and vice versa.  Hope you like it :)

Head - Stylin' Crimson Hat
Shoulders - Bloodlust Epaulets or Mercurial Pauldrons, both share the same model
Chest - Deathdealer Breastplate or Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate, both share the same model and Stylish Red Shirt
Waist - Bloodlust Belt
Legs - Bloodmail Legguards
Feet - Bloodlust Boots
Hands - Gauntlets of Divinity
Bow - Talbuk Hunting Bow

Head - Stylin' Adventure Hat
Shoulders - Talhide Shoulderguards or Netherstorm Shoulderguards, both share the same model
Chest - Talhide Chestpiece or Netherstorm Chestpiece, both share the same model and Stylish Black Shirt
Waist - Silver Defias Belt or Blackforge Girdle, both share the same model
Legs - Bloodmail Legguards
Feet - Ebonhold Boots
Hands - Tsunami Gloves
One-Hand Mace - Mug O'Hurt or Hurley's Tankard
One-Hand Axe - I think Hacking Cleaver with it's kitchen knife look would be the best choice

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leather party set for rogue and druid

Today I give you the leather set from my party themed series. Same as in cloth, there are two outfits, one for male and one for female character.

Head - Stylin' Jungle Hat
Shoulder - Dark Leather Shoulders
Chest - Armor of the Fang
Waist - Robust Girdle
Legs - Leggings of the Fang or Big Voodoo Pants, both share the same model
Feet - Headhunter's Slippers
Hands - Gloves of the Fang
Dagger - Barman Shanker

Head - Stylin' Purple Hat
Shoulder - Dark Leather Shoulders
Chest - Songbird Blouse
Waist - Corehound Belt
Legs - Blackened Defias Leggings
Feet - Shadowcraft Boots
Hands - Gloves of the Fang
Staff - Magician Staff

Cloth party set for mage, priest and warlock

Today I'm starting a new series of outfits, this time it's something less serious, more colourful and really stylish - the party themed series. This one is made in two versions - for male and female characters. Hope you will like it and I would love to hear your feedback :)

Head -  Crimson Felt Hat
Shoulders - Consortium Mantle
Chest - Crimson Silk Vest with Red Swashbuckler's Shirt
Waist - Monogrammed Sash
Legs - Sorcerer Pants
Feet - Astralaan Boots
Hands - Gossamer Gloves or Elegant Gloves, both share the same model
Held In Off-hand - Chalice of Benedictus

Shoulders - Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders
Chest - Mooncloth Robe
Waist - Lingering Illness
Feet - Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider
Hands - Glacial Gloves
Held In Off-hand - Symbol of Transgression

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mail forest elf set for hunter

This is one of the sets that I made for my hunter main and personally I really like it. I'm a big fan of "Lord of the Rings", I like this kind of fantasy climates and I think this set has this fantasy look in it. It can't be used by shaman, as there are class-specified items like helm that can be used only by hunter.
Head - Savage Gladiator's Chain Helm
Shoulders - Mantle of Moss, Wrap of the Valley Glades or Bloodthirsty Drgonscale Shoulders, all share the same model
Chest - Soldier's Armor, if you want something that covers up whole chest Vest of the True Companion or Bloodthirsty Dragonscale Chest is also a good match
Waist - Ancient Belt
Legs - Hillside Striders or Bloodthirsty Dragonscale Legs, both share the same model
Feet - Shuffling Shoes or Boots of Divided Being, both share the same model
Hands - Gloves of the Passing night or Bloodthirsty Dragonscale Gloves
Back - Marauder's Cloak
Bow - Honorable Longbow
Staff - Explorer's Walking Stick, I chose this one because I wanted my weapon simple, but if you want something more unusual and "shiny" Draenic Wildstaff has nice design

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blood elf themed series summary

I hope you enjoyed this series of sets and found something suiting for you character. In this post I'm gonna give you some ideas for additional items matching this series that every class can use.

- ShroudCape and Mantle of Silvermoon, all share the same model.
- Phoenix-Wing Cloak is better if you like long capes. There are actually quite a few capes with this model, so check the same model as list, every cape on this list that has a red icon has the same model.

Scarlet Filigreed Doublet
Scarlet Filigreed Shirt
Silvermoon Doublet

Silvermoon City Tabard
Sunreaver Tabard
- Tabard of Summer Flames

Held In  Off-hand:
- Talisman of the Sun King

- Any of the Hawkstriders makes a good mount matching a blood elf set
- Flying mounts will be a lot harder to obtain. I think the best matches are Red DragonhawkSmoldering Egg of Millagazor and Ashes of Al'ar

Vanity pet:
- Any of the Dragonhawk hatchlings
Phoenix Hatchling
Shimmering Wyrmling

Hunter pet:
- Dragonhawks, I recommend the orange or orange and red
- Red Lynx

Plate blood elf set for warrior, paladin and death knight

Today I made a final outfit for my blood elf themed series. It can be used by warrior, paladin or death knight because as always I didn't use any class-specified items. The base for this outfit was the Hyperion Plate, which has design that is very close to blood-elfish.
Head - Conqueror's Helmet
Shoulders - Hyperion Pauldrons
Chest - Hyperion Armor
Waist - Thorium Belt, Commander's Girdle or Khorium Belt, all have the same model
Legs - Hyperion Legplates, Lavacrest Leggings or Khorium Pants, all have the same model
Feet - Hyperion Greaves or Khorium Boots, both have the same model
Hands - Lightforge Gauntlets

Weapons - With this outfit I decided to match two-handed weapons as many plate wearers use them and a shield. For other weapons check out the mail, leather and cloth blood elf sets.
Two-Handed Axe - Nightfall
Two-Handed Mace - Blood Knight Maul
Two-Handed Sword - Blade of the Titans
Shield - Dawnforged Defender

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cloth blood elf set for mage, priest and warlock

Today I'm gonna give you the cloth blood elf themed set. It can be used either by mage, priest or warlock as there is only one class-specified item - boots, that can be used only by mage, priest and warlock  :)
Head - Helm of Arcane Purity
Shoulders - With this one I give you a choice, if you want shoulderpads as in picture above choose Shoulderpads of Knowledge's Pursuit, but if you want something smaller Flarecore Mantle is also a good match for this set.
Chest - Scarlet Sin'dorei Robes
Waist - Girdle of Ruination
Legs - I don't really see the need to transmogrify pants with this set, because they are covered by robe. But if you want to do it despite the fact that they can't be seen Spellstrike Pants have nice blood elf design :)
Feet - Vindicator's Mooncloth Slippers
Hands - Sunfire Handwraps

Wand - Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy
For other weapons see the leather and mail blood elf sets, you can find there a wide choice of matching weapons.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Leather blood elf set for rogue and druid

Again, this set can be used either by rogue or druid cause there are no class-specified items, but I was thinking rather about rogues while creating it. This one was easy to make, almost every piece has blood elf design. Check it out:

Head - Imposing Bandana. There is even a better match - Terokk's Mask, but it's a quest reward so if you completed it earlier you cannot obtain it.
Shoulder - Bonechewer Shoulderguards
Chest - Silvermoon Tunic
Waist - Blastguard Belt
Legs - Blastguard Pants
Feet - Blastguard Boots
Hands - Bonechewer Spikegloves

As I said before matching weapons was a bit tricky, as I'm not familiar with other classes. But I did my research and by what I found rogue would be using axe, mace, sword or fist in main hand and dagger in off-hand, I hope I got this right. So here are some weapons you can choose from:

One-Hand Axe - High Warlord's Cleaver
One-Hand Mace - Doomsayer's mace
Main Hand Mace - Restorative Mace or Hammer of the Penitent, both look the same as Doomsayer's Mace
One-Hand Sword - The Sunbreak
Main Hand Sword - Battlefell Sabre
Main Hand Fist Weapon - Talon of the Phoenix
Off Hand Fist Weapon - Claw of the Phoenix
One-Hand dagger - Bombardier's Blade

I think that everyone should find something fitting among this weapons, if not please write me a comment about what kind of weapon that matches blood elf outfit would you like me to add to this list :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mail blood elf set for hunter & shaman

Hello everyone!

With the next patch comes the transmogrification, an awesome tool for randomizing your looks, making your character more unique and stylish. Knowing that I started to create matching outfits for my main, and once I started I wasn't able to stop. It was so much fun for me to match the pieces into this one unique outfit that I thought of creating this blog to share my ideas with other people and  help players who find looking for perfect matching gloves rather boring than fun. I decided to make my first series of outfits to be blood elf themed because my main character is blood elf, also it's hunter so the very first look that I'm gonna share with you is this mail blood elf hunter outfit. It can also be used by Shaman because I didn't use any class-specified items, but it was primarily meant for hunter. Hope you will like it :)

The base for this outfit were the matching chest and boots. Sadly, these were the only matching mail items so I had to complete it with some completely different things, here you have the final result after long, long search for the items that are closest to something that citizen of Silvermoon would wear.
Head - no item, just use "hide helm" option (I think that many of my sets will go with this option, as I like to see my characters face and hair, and there is a limited choice of head items that don't cover it)

Shoulder - Green Iron Shoulders
Chest - Suncrown Hauberk
Waist - Ornate Girdle
Legs - Captain's Leggings
Feet - Volunteer's Greaves
Hands - Green Iron Gauntlets or Harmonious Gauntlets
Back - same as in head item
Bow - Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix

Wrist - Probably in all of my outfits there won't be any bracers, because they are hidden under the gloves and I personally don't see the point in transmogrifying item that cannot be seen, hope you agree with me on that :)
Weapon - This one is a bit hard cause not every player uses the same kind of weapon, and it will get even more tricky as I will make outfits for classes that I don't play. But as we are on hunter I think I can assume that you use either staff or polearm. If you are using a staff you are in better situation as there are a few staffs that have this blood elf looks I was looking for. Personally I would go with the Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei, second option is the Sun-Infused Focus Staff, and if you want to stick with the green colour of the outfit you can choose the Vengeance Staff which is the green version of the Sun-Infused Focus Staff. If you are using polearm you are in worse situation as there is no polearm with blood elf design, but I think that Anguish would be the close match.
I hope you like this set, feel free to comment on it, add you suggestions about what would you change or what other sets would you like to see. And if you find any grammar mistakes in my posts please comment on it too, English is not my first language and there is high possibility that I will make some mistakes :)