Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cloth winter set for mage, priest and warlock

Hi, today I'm starting a new series, and this one is gonna be really cool ;) And it will be perfect for anyone who's favourite color is blue. With winter coming and maybe just days away from the first snow, I decided to make a winter-themed series. This one was really easy to make as every item class has it's own icy set that needed only a few other items to be complete, interesting fact - I used a belt that has a cloth, leather, mail and plate versions, all share the same model. I also found many awesome icy weapons to match. I believe this will be the best of my series so far :) Hopefully you'll agree with me. To begin I give you cloth winter set, can't imagine a better outfit for a frost mage :D
Head - Collar of Command
Shoulder - Pauldrons of Sufferance
Chest - Glacial Robe or Glacial Vest if you wanna go with pants version of this set
Waist - Glacial Waistband
Legs - No need to transmogrify them if you chose robe, but with vest Azure Silk Pants are a good match
Feet - Blue Suede Shoes
Hands - Flamebloom Gloves
Staff - Hydrocane


  1. I picked up from the durnholde quest while I was there farming shoulders (since it does not overwrite the sleeves and matches nicely), and as a cloak from the AH. Now, then, time to farm hydrocane. I haven't done that for years and it was painful then....

    Results here though the hands look way darker than they should